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"Alexandra Nechita"

Hi everybody,
Let's develop our reading skill.  Check this information About alexandra Nechita a famous painter.  This is her story.
EXERCISE 18: This is alexandra Nechita.  Circle the best title.

a.- Alexandra Nechita -- teen painter.
b.- Alexandra Nechita and her amazing paintings.
c.- Alexandra Nechita and her friends.

This photo is from 1995.  In this photo, Alexandra is standing next to her painting.  She paints incredible pictures.  Her paintings look like Pablo Picasso's paintings, but she doesn't copy them.  The paintings show her ideas.  There are many articles about her paintings in magazines, but she doesn't understand why.  She doesn't think that she is different or special: some kids skateboard, some kids play tennis, she paints. 

This photo is from 2003.  Alexandra is eighteen.  Her time in high school is ending, and she is thinking about college.  She studies, but she goes out with her friends, too.  They eat Japanese food, they go shopping and they go to the movies.  They also talk about books and music.  Alexandra's favorite band is Coldplay.

Read the text and circle the correct answers.
Alexandra Nechita (paints / doesn't paint) incredible pictures.
  1. Alexandra (copies /doesn't copy) Picasso's paintings.
  2. Alexandra (understands / doesn't understand) why people read articles about her.
  3. Alexandra (likes / doesn't like) shopping.
  4. Alexandra (goes/ doesn't go) to the movies with her friends.
Answer the questions about Alexandra Nechita.
Example: What does Alexandra Nechita do? She paints incredible pictures.
  1. Whose paintings do Alexandra's look like?
  2. What is Alexandra doing in photo 1?
  3. Who goes out with Alexandra?
  4. What kind of food does Alexandra like?
  5. Where does Alexandra go with her friends?
  6. What do they talk about?

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