lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

HOMEWORK: Hello, everybody! EXERCISE 5: It's nice to greet you again. Please can you complete this: a.- Your favorite day. ____________________________ b.- A day you don't like. ______________________________ c.- Two types of music you like. ________________________________ d.- A sport your best friend likes. _________________________________ e.- One type of music you don't like. __________________________________ f.- Two subjects you like. ____________________________________ g.- A subject you don't like. _____________________________________ h.- 2 favorite activities in the class. ________________________________ j.- 2 classroom activities you don't like in class. ___________________________________ EXERCISE 6: Underline the different word in each group. a.- music science classroom history. ______________________ b.- golf football volleyball jazz. _______________________ c.- pencil eraser history ruler. ___________________________ d.- French Monday Wednesday Friday. __________________________ e.- library gym brown Lab. __________________________ f.- rap tennis techno classical ____________________________ g.- shorts gloves book T-shirt. _______________________ h.- one table chair desk. ________________________ i.- my computer she they. ________________________ j.- oranges melon vegetables grapes. _________________________ k.- Italian French Rome American. ___________________________ Do it on your notebook as homework. I'll check it in class. See you then

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