martes, 16 de octubre de 2012

"Let's listen to another romantic song"

"Eternal Flame" Listen to the song, check the pronunciation, sing it and complete the missing words. Close your e_____________, give me your hands, darling Do you feel my heart beating Do you u___________________________? Do you feel the same Am I only d____________________________? Is this burning an eternal flame I believe it's m____________________ to be, darling I watch you when you are s_____________________ You belong with me Do you f_____________________ the same Am I only dreaming Or is this b_______________________ an eternal flame Say my n________________ sun shines through the rain A whole l_______________ so lonely And then you come and ease the pain I don't want to l__________________ this feeling. Can you answer these questions: 1.- Who is the singer? 2.- What is the singer talking about? 3.- What are the words you like most? 4.- Write 2 questions from the song. 5.- According to what you listen, write a new title for the song. Thanks a lot for working with me. See you soon!

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