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Present progressive tense

Hi everybody,
I'd like to invite you check this structure of the present progressive tense in order to help you reinforce the structure studied in class. After your check it, write 5 things to answer the question What is each one of your family members doing? (if its possible use a mind map on your notebook)

Example: I'm doing my Math homework right now. I'm not sleeping.
                 My dad is working right now. / My mom isn't watching TV.
The present progressive tense takes the following forms: (be) in the simple present + Verb + ing

I -----am + V + ing example: I am eating
He/she//it----is + V + ing example: He is working
You/we/they----are + V + ing example: You are talking
with singular nouns----is + V + ing example: the boy is crying
with plural nouns-----are + V = ing example: The students are listening
Subject + are + V + ing
Example: The workers are doing their best to finish.

Subject + is + V + ing
Example: The baby is sleeping now

How to make the negative in the present progressive tense

to change the sentence into negative, you just have to add not between verb be (am/is/are) and the main verb

Example1: You are talking
negative1: You are not talking
Example2: I am working
Negative2: I am not working
Example3: The workers are cleaning the street
Negative3: Ther workers are not cleaning the street

How to ask a question in the present progressive

to make a question in the present progressive you have to use one of the forms of verb 'be" (am/is/are) followed by the subject then the main verb +ing
example1: He is reading a paper.
question1: Is he reading a paper?
example2: The girl is watching TV
?Question2: Is the girl watching TV?

If you want to use one of the question words, all you have to do is to put the question word before (am/is/are)

Example1: The girl is watching Tv
question1: What is the girl watching?
Example2: The boys are playing football
question2: where are the boys playing football?

Uses of the present progressive

It is used to talk about actions that are talking plave at the moment of speaking.
Example: Im wrting a lesson right now
Samer is watching TV at the moment
They are playing cards

now, right now, at this moment, presently.

More Examples on the present progressive tense

He is reading the newspaper at the moment
We are going to the cinema today
The teacher is explaining the lesson
Ali is drawing a picture
The babes are crying
Thanks a lot for your great effort for working with English. I'll check your homework tomorrow.
Have a nice day! 
Your teacher

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