viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012


 Hi girls and boys, it's a pleasure to greet you.  Congratulations for all your practices and development during the class these days.
Now I want you read this dialogue and change the underlined for yourself.  Don't forget to use healthy food.

A: What’s for dinner
B: I’m not sure. 
A: How about a pizza
B: You had pizza for lunch
A: But I love pizza
B: Everybody loves pizza
A: So why can’t I have pizza for dinner
B: Because you need variety. 
A: What’s “variety? 
B: Different things—not the same thing all the time. 
A: You mean, like a pepperoni pizza instead of a cheese pizza
B: No, I mean a salad instead of a pizza.

Thanks for working with this dialogue.
Have a nice weekend!
See you on Monday.
Your teacher.  

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