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HOMEWORK # 46: March 17th-21st (2), 2015.

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HOMEWORK # 46: March 17th-21st (2), 2015.
Good afternoon to you all my friends. Let's review more online material. Pay attention and do the exercises.  Take 5 new words and write one sentence with each one of them.


Green is a beautiful color! In nature, the grass that you walk on is green and the leaves that you see on trees are usually green. Most of the plants that you see are green, too! Frogs are green and many grasshoppers are green, too. Turtles are different shades of green.
Did you know that you can make green paint by mixing blue and yellow? Because you can make green by mixing two primary colors, it is called a secondary color. Green is also the name used to describe the movement to make products that do not harm the Earth. Green products are often those made from recycled materials or those that are safe to throw out in the trash. 
1.- Turtles are...
a.- green products   b.- different shades of green   c.- not found in nature   d.- not green 
2.- According to the reading, which is green?
a.- A frog     b.- A primary color     c.- A mushroom      d.- A bat 
3.- What is a green product? 
a.- One that is made from grass   b.- One that is safe for Earth  
c.- One that is mixed together          d.- One that is fun.
4.- Green is... 
a.- A kind of plant      b. A primary color    c.- A type of kite    d.- A secondary color
5.- Which of the following might be an example of a green product? 
a.- A plastic bottle that can not be recycled       b.- A big truck   
               c.- A plastic bottle that can be recycled    d.- A frog. 
There is a lot of grass next to house.

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