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HOMEWORK # 10: October 12th-16th(2), 2015.

HOMEWORK # 10: October 12th-16th(2), 2015.
Good afternoon to you wherever you are!
Let's continue working with more material in English online.
AIMS:  To develop their listening skill.
              To learn English in an interesting and funny way.
              To increase their reading comprehension and vocabulary,
              To reflect on the short story's message. 
Skill with developing criteria: Listen to the story and pay attention to its details.
                                                    Read each line and answer true or false next to each
1.- The name of this short story is the Greatest Treasure. _True_
2.- The author of the Great Treasure is Noni. ______________________
3.- One day, Peter found a country map _________________________
4.- He plans to find the treasure and have some adventure. ___________________
5.- He got into a forest and met a tiger. ___________________
6.- The lion accepted to go with peter to help finding the treasure. ___________________
7.- At first, Peter was afraid in the forest, but then as the lion was with him, he felt strong. _______
8.- After some walking, they found a giant eagle and she is going to join them.__________
9.- In their way to the treasure, they had problems and were successful. _______________
10.-  The sheep was the second animal which joined them. _______________
11.-  Mr. Camel joined them because he was called the ship of the desert. _________________
12.- They were crossing the desert on the camel´s back. _______________
13.- After crossing the desert, they met a fish to help them. ________________
14.- It was hard for the turtle to carry them crossing the ocean. __________________
15.- The greatest treasure that they found was friendship. ___________________
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