viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

HOMEWORK # 2: SEPT. 5TH-9TH(2), 2016. (Personal information).

HOMEWORK # 2: SEPT. 5TH-9TH(2), 2016. (Personal information).
 GOOD MORNING TO ALL OF YOU, STUDENTS!  LANGUAGE ACTIVITY: Reading and writing. AIMS: To write about your personal information. To develop´your writing skill. To share your own information with others. To feel motivated and interested in writing about yourself. To have fun with developing the exercise. SKILL WITH PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: Read each question about your personal information and answer to each one of them correctly.
1.- What's your full name? _____________________________________________________
2.- What's your nickname? _____________________________________________________
3.- How old are you? __________________________________________________________
4.-  Where are you from? _______________________________________________________
5.- What's your nationality?______________________________________________________
6.- Where do you live? _________________________________________________________
7.- What's your telephone number/cell phone number?________________________________
8.- Are you single or married?____________________________________________________
9.- What grade are you in?_______________________________________________________
10.- What's your email address? __________________________________________________
YOUR NAME: ___________________________________________________________
YOUR SCHOOL:_________________________________________________________
YOUR GRADE: __________________________________________________________
TODAY'S DATE: _________________________________________________________

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