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HOMEWORK 22: Nov. 14th-18TH(2), 2016. Reading: Yoshi is hungry.

Resultado de imagen para pictures of a hungry guy eating fruitHOMEWORK 22: Nov. 14th-18TH(2), 2016. Reading: Yoshi is hungry.
GOOD EVENING TO ALL OF YOU, MY FRIENDS! IT'S GREAT TO GREET YOU WISHING YOU A NICE WEEK! TOPIC: Reading Yoshi is hungry. LANGUAGE SKILL: Reading, writing and CLIL. AIMS: To improve your language skills.  To read and understand the main idea and details about the text. To increase your new vocabulary and expressions. To read the questions and answer by choosing the best option. SKILL WITH PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: Read the passage, check each questions and answer it by choosing the best option. 
Passage: Yoshi is hungry. Yoshi wants to eat. Yoshi walks to the store. Yoshi walks to the grocery store. Yoshi walks to the grocery store because he wants something to eat. Yoshi arrives at the grocery store. It is late. The sky is dark. Yoshi buys an orange, an apple, a banana, and a mango. The orange costs 50 cents. The apple costs 60 cents. The banana costs 10 cents. The mango costs 90 cents. How much does Yoshi pay for all the fruit?
Resultado de imagen para pictures of a hungry guy eating fruit
1)Yoshi walks to the grocery store because
A. he wants something to buy B. he wants something to eat
C. he cannot sleep
2) What time does Yoshi arrive at the store?
A. at night   B. in the morning   C. in the afternoon
3) Yoshi buys
A. a pineapple   B. a tomato   C. a banana
4) Yoshi does not buy
A. a mango  B. a plum  C. an apple
5) What kind of food does Yoshi buy?
A. fruit  B. meat  C. vegetables
6) How much does the orange cost?
A. 50 cents  B. 60 cents  C. 70 cents
7) What is the most expensive thing at the store?
A. the orange  B. the mango  C. the banana
8) What is the least expensive thing?
A. the mango  B. the apple  C. the banana
9) How much money does Yoshi spend at the store?
A. 2 dollars  B. 2 dollars and 10 cents  C. 2 dollars and 20 cents
 LIST OF NEW WORDS:(Meaning/definitions)
1.                                                             6.
2.                                                             7.
3.                                                             8.
4.                                                             9.
5                                                             10.
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